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  • Now and Then

    All we presentists get from zooming out to ten-thousand-year time spans is vertigo. -Douglas Rushkoff, Present Shock

    Walking across interlocked cobble basalt at dawn, the air yet still.  Small sounds distant lightly move over the sage.  If I am lucky as the sun strikes this morning’s desert the first long golden rays will saturate the rim to glow with an old carving.  I will see it as form and shape and this light may help me look deeper into the field of its dwelling.  An abstract image residing in the real, this moment, spanning millennia.  

    The Ah Ha! of apprehension - the seeing, the hearing, the touching of the ground -  shape the sensual, physical space between.  A third space, cognitive, hovers in both Now and Then.  A space-time continuum, remembering and renewing.   Present and past with a slim thread to time beyond, the future.

    Morning Rim. See: Owyhee Canyonlands