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  • Clarity of intent, certainty of form: Five-lobed motifs

    This image offers similarities to the other lobed figures I posted earlier, on May 1 and June 11. Again, the five “twinned” lobes.  Located in the Modoc National Forest of northeast California, east of Clear Lake in the Willow Creek area and west of Blue Mountain, this figure is part of larger basalt panel facing west toward Doublehead Mountain, which is sacred to the Modoc and Pit River peoples.  (Recommended: Arlene Benson and Floyd Buckskin.  "Modoc-75." Rock Art Papers [1985].)

    The four lobed images are discrete examples of a clearly articulated motif distributed over the expansive over-lapping territories of the northern Great Basin, Modoc Plateau, and Medicine Lake Highlands in what-is-now NW Nevada, SE Oregon, and NE California.