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  • Winnemucca Lake petroglyphs dated as North America's oldest

    An important paper is receiving high media visibility this month, for good reason.  It is titled: Dating North America's oldest petroglyphs, Winnemucca Lake subbasin, Nevada. The paper by LV Benson, et al., appears in the Journal of Archaeological Science, Volume 40, Issue 12, (December 2013).  Highlights, from the Journal's website:

    -Petroglyphs in the Winnemucca Lake subbasin, Nevada, were carved prior to 10.5 cal ka.

    -A deep lake in the Pyramid and Winnemucca Lake subbasins persisted until ∼9.3 cal ka.

    -The designs of the Winnemucca Lake glyphs are similar to those found at Long Lake, Oregon.

    Recommended: Robert E. Connick and Frances Connick’s important descriptive and analytic work of this site 20 years ago. They devoted thoughtful consideration to “The Question of Age” and included excellent photographs. (The Hitherto Unrecognized Importance of Nevada Site 26WA3329: A Monumental Site with Southwestern Connections, Rock Art Papers, 1992. #28 vol. 9:73-99, San Diego Museum of Man.)

    For selected images, see Winnemucca Lake Petroglyphs