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  • Global Warming and a millennium moment

    What with the World Cup and the (further) disintegration of Iraq, is it surprising “…many Americans perceive global warming as a relatively distant threat” according to a recent Yale study.

    Still, time flows on, kind of like a soccer game or a war.   Since the end of the last ice age in Oregon’s Northern Great Basin, 12000-14000 years ago, animals, plants, and peoples have been affected by oscillating changes in rain, airflow, heat, and cold.  Another variable: volcanic and other geologic activity.

    The darkly patinaed markings on this boulder are thousands of years old, likely 6000 years of more.  The bright symbol is more recent, perhaps created in the last 500-2000 years.   The boulder is near the Owyhee River, which this year is significantly below its historic average flow.  With global warming, how will the life of this canyon, the presence of this boulder, change in the next few centuries, in future millennia?

    Owyhee River Petroglyphs