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  • The fundamental Earth is trembling

    The immemorial, fixed Earth, which provided the conditions and foundations of our lives, is moving, the fundamental Earth is trembling.  - Michel Serres, The Natural Contract (p. 86). 

    43 cupules on a solitary granite boulder face east beyond the Pacific Ocean’s Monterey Bay toward the hills and the rising sun. 

    Dense with cuppings, red-colored boulders in the marshlands at the southern terminus of Clear Lake, California’s largest natural lake. 

    Deep groves forming ovals and circles on schist boulders embedded in the rolling oak hills east of the Russian River. 

    The rocks, exposed nodes marked and eroding, in motion with our weathering sphere around the sun.  As with the stone, softly patinaed and lichened, we feel the old trembling, and the new.

    (Photos in the three Northern California albums noted above from November 2013. Below: Spyrock (detail), Mendocino County.  Serres quoted by Bruno Latour in “Which language shall we speak with Gaia?” (2013:4). To download this recent essay as a pdf: Gaia