BLOG: To Become Visible

Road Trip
  • What Finds You

    DESERT Past Present: What Finds You:  An assemblage on this website (VISIBILIA tab) of a couple of dozen collections from traverses in the Great Basin, 2016-2019. Most include petroglyphs-in-context as part of larger realms observed.   

    In these collections each image marks a particular prismatic within constellated geopolitical realms.  Simultaneously this method is autographic:  observer observed; personal and transcultural. A mirroring narrative of my position is apparent. So, here I am, here you and we are, in and out of transparent horizons and the thick stuff of an entwined, dissolving, reforming world. 

  • Gravity and the mystery of water

    Rock art abides in the landscapes of the desert west.  Quiet tension between stone and the ephemeral of endurance. It’s gravity, volcanics, the mystery of water. The exposure of stone. The human markings reflect the fluid past, the bone dry seasons, spirits of place. Aspiration, nurturance.

    Four images below from the Volcanic Tablelands, Inyo/Mono Counties, CA, March 2019. Included in Landscopes II - an album of a March 2019 Equinox road trip in western Nevada and eastern California