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  • TEN 2019: The Life of Stone

    To look at a petroglyph is to enter the life of stone.  The carved image, an animated expression, is incised through the surface.  Stone as fundament.  Other domains of life occurred before and after the carving.  A place where the living find a hold then create textures for other life: fungi, algae, bacteria, often as lichens, other micro-organisms and bacteria. Wind-blown dust becomes a thin clay; manganese and iron concentrate. The bio-communities may shrink away leaving a smooth rich patina. Over many seasons more petroglyphs may layer. The exposed stone of the fresh petroglyph is reclaimed, darkens, time becomes ambiguous.  

    In the collection TEN 2019 images of petroglyphs from travels in 2019 in SE Oregon, E. California, and W. Nevada, attention is devoted to the image in the embracing context of a living continuum.