BLOG: To Become Visible

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  • Inexplication

    Art is inexplicable and has a dream-power that radiates from the night mind. Edward Hirsch [1]

    Here comes emergence: the sprouting of levels has been construed, by many, in terms of it.  Simone Gozzano [2]

    A faint petroglyph figure appeared as a whisper, a downward form or body …

    Gravity determines what we feel to be true. Material bodies pulled toward the center. A tellurian beckoning.  Then, with a certain spirit, “… see the identity of the law of gravitation with purity of heart.” as Emerson phrased this embracing ambition. [3]

    As counter to this urgent pull, emergence from the center yearns through darkling levels to a revealing.  Emergence a shedding, a sprouting, pushing outward, upward into the surprising light.  Upright, the dignity of light mind balances a tenuous attention tendrilled with a trailing downright dark - the night mind.

    … A faint petroglyph figure appeared as a whisper, a downward form or body.  The surface of the metallicked, densely textured stone face intrigued me.  I photographed and later looked closely, with surprise and dissolving consideration. As the figure emerged through the patina, a vesicle, a natural cavity, in the rock suggested a possible physical relationship, fleeting and speculative, as an origin, a tension of becoming.  A purity of heart.

    Images - follow this petroglyph stone through various visual iterations, imagining into the fact of stone the elusive presence of the marking, thereby participating with emergence and descent.

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