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  • So many words! So few millennia!

    In the next four months groups at three gatherings will present research and discuss rock art.  So many vistas! So many words! So few millennia!

    The Northwest Anthropological Conference NWAC 2015, March 26-28 in Eugene, includes a symposium devoted to Rock Art & Rock Features Research in the Northwest.  My research presentation: Petroglyph boulders on the Rogue River at Two Mile Creek: Intentions and Actions, 1974-2015. Image below: Detail from displaced boulder, now in Agness.  Photos of Selected Boulders

    The Society for American Archaeology’s Annual Meeting, San Francisco, April 15-19, includes a rock art via a forum, two symposia, and a general session, involving over 70 individuals.   SAA 2015 Annual Meeting  
    - Caring for Knowledge on Stone: Rock Art Co-Management with Indigenous and Local Communities
    - Rock Art Research: A Regional Analysis
    - Methodology and Interpretation in the Archaeology of Rock Art
    - Global Studies in Rock Art Analysis and Interpretation

    The American Rock Art Research Association’s annual conference, May 22-25, is in Laughlin, Nevada, on the Colorado River. Deadline for submissions is March 1. (I intend to discuss the implications of a rediscovered petroglyph boulder from the Columbia River.)  ARARA 2015 Conference