BLOG: To Become Visible

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  • 24/7: Through the Looking-Glass

    In 24/7:  Late Capitalism and the Ends of Sleep,  Jonathan Crary describes 24/7 as “a generalized inscription of human life into duration without breaks, defined by a principle of continuous functioning.”  24/7 means screens ever on, data ever flowing, infinite ever streaming.  No turning back.

    You peer into this frame and image at once an individual and a bearer of the social.  Through lensing, literally and figuratively, I looking-glass the gesture on the stone of the maker - an individual and a bearer of the social.  Each of our time-wrought facings curve the moments of who we are. 

    Sleep?  A time of vulnerability, a time to dream, Crary concludes, “sleep can stand for the durability of the social.”  Enough to keep you awake.  Or open dreamtime. (Petroglyph panel, Lake County, Oregon)